Finding strength in self advocacy

If you don’t learn to stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.   Dr. Martha Sales repeated this phrase during a Tuesday night talk with our Camp Discover campers, making sure they understood the message. Currently serving as the Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President of Student Life at Western Kentucky University, Dr. Sales […]

Ending the day with play

In addition to classroom learning experiences, Camp Discover students had the opportunity to have some fun this week at the Preston Center, WKU’s student athletic center. They had the option of swimming or playing volleyball, pickleball, or basketball. Throughout the two hours, most campers opted for the pool. Many learned the delicate art of water basketball, […]

Game creators rely on teamwork

Decimals, fractions, geometric shapes, and area problems were some of the images and problems represented on the computer screens in the Games + Math = Fun class at Camp Discover.   Over the course of this week, the students will create math games using Khan Academy. They are researching games students like to play as […]

Order in the court!

Last year in the How to Be a Lawyer class at Camp Discover, the case focused on Goldilocks and whether she was guilty of intruding in the three bears’ home. This year, students are examining cases from real life. Teacher Justin Mitchell explained a case from the town of Franklin, KY, where he teaches during […]

Buttons, bracelets, and kickball, oh my!

After dinner every evening at Camp Discover, campers are offered a variety of activities called “optionals.” Counselors usually pair up to design activities that provide campers the opportunity to exercise, learn, or create with a group of other interested campers. Examples from Monday night included button/friendship bracelet making and kickball. While participation in optionals isn’t […]

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