Closing time: We hope you have found a friend

VAMPY campers took the time to let it all soak in at the end of classes on Friday, July 7. For some, this traditional splash through the fountain outside the Commons at Helm Library marked the end of a three-week stay at WKU. For others, it marked the end of their summers here with The […]

VAMPY campers explore rise and fall of Nazi Germany

The terror and consequences of the Nazi regime, from its destructive, inhumane “final solution” to its aggressive war upon the world, are well known. However, to our modern ears, these are events in the past that we might have connection to through grandparents who lived or served during the events of 1933 to 1945, or […]

Learning knows no bounds in Astronomy

Throughout camp, we have been challenging our students with many hands-on activities rather than copious amounts of bookwork and reading. Right from the beginning our students created their own star maps, then we moved on to our telescopes! Not only were the students learning about the inner mechanisms of different types of telescopes, but they […]

Surprises abound for campers on CTF Day

Once every VAMPY a magical day comes around called “CTF Day.” Most afternoons, campers sign up for evening optionals, activities run by one to two counselors. On CTF day, all optionals are named CTF – typically short for Capture the Flag. While one optional actually is regular CTF, the others can be anything else. Some […]

V-Con 2023: Fantasy battles Sci-Fi!

The annual VAMPY convention (V-Con) has come and gone. This year’s theme was Despicable V – oh wait, no . . . It was Fantasy vs. Sci-Fi. Counselors try to keep the theme secret every year until the V-Con opening ceremony. I feel confident in saying we prevented it from leaking this time. At the […]

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