A happy return to the Hill

The Center for Gifted Studies welcomed the return of some special campers on Sunday. These rising eighth graders are part of the first cohort of Camp Discover participants. Students are identified for Camp Discover at the end of their sixth-grade year. They come to WKU for one week the summer between sixth and seventh grade and are invited for a second stay between seventh and eighth grade.


Our campers kicked off this week with orientation at Gary A. Ransdell Hall. Dr. Julia Roberts, director of The Center, discussed opportunities and the importance of listening and having the patience to learn and grow. We all reviewed the lessons learned this past year and planned for how we can build upon what we now know.


Next, our campers reconnected with friends from last year and met other campers at the icebreaker games. Campers and counselors played a variety of games including Duck, Duck, Name, the game of Duck, Duck, Goose except you replace Goose with someone’s name; the Knot game, a game of puzzle solving and teamwork; Red Light, Green Light, a game of listening and following instruction; Camp Charades, with camp themes and actions; and the game of Ninja, a stop-and-go game of tag. We also all enjoyed a fun time outside with a parachute! A very happy Sunday for all our campers!

— Wynn Thacker, counselor