Listening for What Gifted Children Don’t Say

Gifted children often talk a lot. Their early vocabulary astounds their audiences and attracts amazed praise. The frequent and extraordinary approval reinforces their verbal skills and, by classical conditioning, causes them to feel intelligent while they’re talking. It’s no wonder they’re often so willing to share their knowledge—sometimes nonstop—with parents, classmates, teachers, and almost anyone […]

Ask the Experts: Underachieving Gifted Students

Can you recommend some resources to motivate an underachieving gifted student? Dear Dr. Courtright, Information you’ve shared in the past about traits of gifted students was right on point for my son, who is in the 8th grade and in the TIP program. It was also highly aligned to struggles my husband and I have […]

Perfectionism: When Excellence Isn’t Good Enough

By The Duke Talent Identification Program We want our children to strive for excellence. Whether in schoolwork, ice skating, music, art, scientific experiments, written work, or other activities, striving for excellence is usually a healthy way to develop talent. But when excellence does not seem good enough, perfectionism results, leaving children no room for error […]

Perfectionism and Gifted Students

By the Duke Talent Identification Program Educators, researchers, and parents often observe perfectionist behaviors in gifted students. It comes as no surprise, since these students are bombarded daily by parents, teachers, peers, and an entertainment industry that rewards them and encourages them to make the highest grade, produce a perfect painting, give a flawless performance, […]

Help Your Child Find the Flow

By The Duke Talent Identification Program The next time you see your child engrossed in a video game, watch carefully. Notice the look of intense concentration. Except for the occasional gasp of excitement or exasperation, he or she is silent and may remain that way for hours, enraptured.“Ah,” the cry goes up from a million […]

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