Last Day Brought Bittersweet Farewells

All the feels set in on the last day of SCATS. So many great memories were made from the minds-on, interactive classes, through optional activities at night, and perhaps most importantly, through all the new friendships and bonds created with other campers, counselors, and staff. Students are excited to go home and yet sad to […]

Severe Weather Alert! How Safe Are Our Cities?

The weather on campus might have been hot and sunny, but campers were dealing with disastrous weather simulations that left some cities in ruin. Students in the class, Taking Weather Cirrus(ly), created model cities, and today was the big test day. City models had to be created exclusively with recycled materials, and built to withstand […]

Counselor Corner with Jack

Last night was the final night for our SCATS campers and there was no shortage of awesome and fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Instead of our normal dinner spot, everyone got dressed up and we headed to the Martens Alumni Center for an amazing banquet. There was delicious food to go alongside the SCATS […]

Data Can Be Sweet

Stepping into the class, you see the walls covered in white pages with charts and titles around the room with dots plotted from all the previous discussions and work on each topic. Does Beyonce write her own songs? Can Joy smell Parkinson’s? How much do fans love Justin Timberlake? And the question of the day: […]

Art Class Brought New Challenges Each Day

Students in the Abstract Art and Design class put their creative minds to work! Instructor Sydney Young has offered unique projects each day to engage students in the world of art using different tools and mediums. When asked about the class, Ainsley W. said, “It’s a blast! My favorite was the optical illusion tubes we […]

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