Buttons, bracelets, and kickball, oh my!

After dinner every evening at Camp Discover, campers are offered a variety of activities called “optionals.” Counselors usually pair up to design activities that provide campers the opportunity to exercise, learn, or create with a group of other interested campers. Examples from Monday night included button/friendship bracelet making and kickball. While participation in optionals isn’t quite optional, campers usually have several choices from which to select, ensuring that everyone gets to do something they’ll enjoy. I ran a game of kickball in which campers gave their all in a surprisingly fast-paced game. Max E. managed to score some runs out of nowhere with excellent running, and Rybal Q. turned in some home runs so impressive that took longer to find the ball than it took for Rybal to make it back to home base. Optionals always make for an enjoyable experience for campers and are an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a bit better.

— Will Sayler, counselor