Campers are game to try new skills

The second year of Design and Coding was an excellent way for returning students to enhance their skills and for new students to learn the craft of game design. Students learned how to design three different types of games: Classic, Platform, and Top-down RPG. Teacher Jennifer Emberton said every student published at least one game. […]

Campers get a new perspective on math

When you walk into Jessi Hampton’s Geometrocity class, students are busy building mini structures for their cities out of graph paper. Jessi gave them instructions on how to create patterns, known as geometric nets, that are the building blocks of their cities. According to Hampton, many of the campers took the main geometric concepts and […]

Campers tackle community problems

Students put their critical thinking skills to use and identified a need in their communities for the LEAD class at Camp Discover. Teacher Morgan Meredith assigned “Project Proposal,” a service learning project. Jazzi C., right, is no stranger to community projects. She recently received funding in her hometown of Louisville, KY, to spearhead a community greenhouse […]

Students don sleuthing hats in Crime Busters

With protective goggles on their heads, students analyzed the Periodic Table of Elements for answers to questions being discussed in Laura Leeper’s Crime Busters class. All week the students have been solving “The Case of the Missing Quiz.” Ms. Leeper introduced the case and students developed hypotheses after reviewing the crime scene. Students have investigated […]

Mythology class takes a modern spin

Take the traditional stories of Greek mythology and mix them into today’s world, and you have Modern Mythology Mayhem! Teacher NicoleTaylor has been introducing students to the mythological gods and their stories. Each day, she presents a new story. On Tuesday, she shared the story of the fateful love of Orpheus for the beautiful Eurydice. […]

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