Counselor Corner with Coleman

After a long day of class, hall time, optionals, and study hall comes one of the most free-form parts of VAMPY – community time. Campers are free to hang out with whomever they want in a variety of locations around Florence Schnieder Hall. In the Great Hall, counselors have been putting on cartoons to allow […]

VAMPY Campers are Getting Creative with Their Writing

This week, the students in VAMPY’s writing course explored the nuances of creative writing. The week started off with an in-depth study of sentence structure. The students learned how appositives, descriptive language, and variations in sentence structure can add to the cohesiveness and quality of their writing. To practice these skills, they wrote 6 word […]

Physics Can Be Fun!

This is my third year as a teaching assistant for the Physics class here at Vampy. From the get-go, we dived straight into the course material, aiming to cover almost a full year’s worth of high school physics content in just three weeks. Surprisingly, within the first three days, we managed to tackle a majority […]

Creating a New Business Makes Math Fun

Students from Camp Innovate’s math class are having fun designing their own food trucks, using their math and creative skills to engineer their trucks. Anna M. explained she is making a dessert truck and happily said, “my favorite dessert is brownies!” Jordan P. is creating a deli truck and Collins is incorporating hot dogs, hamburgers, […]

Counselor Corner with Kenyan

For the entire week, there had been a forecast of rain, potentially soiling some plans for these kids to be active. With the hopes of it stopping, Femi, Coleman, and I decided to host kickball anyway. It was raining earlier that day, but it didn’t seem to faze our eager and optimistic students who were […]

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