Counselor Corner: Evie Ellis

Evie Ellis - Head Counselor 2024Welcome back, SCATS campers, parents, and supporters! We are thrilled to embark on another exciting journey with the Summer Camp for Academically Talented Students (SCATS). This year, we have 130 gifted middle school students gracing the halls of Florence Schneider Hall, ready to dive into a summer of learning, friendship, and unforgettable experiences. The energy is palpable, and we could not be more excited to start.

Last night marked the official kickoff of SCATS with a bustling move-in, engaging icebreakers, and an informative orientation session. The atmosphere was filled with a mix of emotions as returning campers joyfully reunited with old friends and eagerly anticipated meeting new ones. The move-in process was a whirlwind of activity as campers said their goodbyes to parents, met their roommates and hallmates, and navigated the excitement of settling into their new home away from home. It was expected to see everyone making great use of the elevator, carting their belongings with enthusiasm and anticipation.

One of the highlights of move-in was witnessing the counselors put their unique style and flair on their halls with personalized door decorations. Each door was a canvas, reflecting the creativity and individuality of both the campers and the counselors. It was a colorful and welcoming sight that set the tone for the fun-filled weeks ahead.

Following the move-in, campers gathered for a hall meeting, a crucial part of the SCATS experience. This meeting was more than just a rundown of expectations; it was an opportunity for campers to introduce themselves, share their interests, and start forming the bonds that will make this summer special. The room buzzed with excitement as campers got to know each other, learning about the diverse backgrounds and passions that each person brings to the camp.

By dinner time, it was clear that friendships were already beginning to blossom. Campers sat together with their hallmates, sharing stories and laughter over a delicious meal. The dining hall was alive with chatter and giggles as they enjoyed pizza, ice cream, and hopefully some vegetables, too.

In my conversations with the campers, I was amazed by the wide range of interests and talents present. I met students passionate about biology, reading, math, Latin, entomology, and art history, among other subjects. It was astounding to see how these diverse interests came together. The collision of different passions is one of the most beautiful aspects of SCATS, fostering an environment where learning is as much about personal growth as it is about academic achievement.

As we look forward to the days ahead, we are excited to see these campers grow, learn, and form lasting memories. SCATS is more than just a camp; it is a community where gifted minds come together to explore, discover, and inspire each other. Here’s to a fantastic summer filled with new adventures, friendships, and a lot of learning!

SCATS 2024 Move-In/Icebreakers