Counselor Corner with Coleman

After a long day of class, hall time, optionals, and study hall comes one of the most free-form parts of VAMPY – community time.

Campers are free to hang out with whomever they want in a variety of locations around Florence Schnieder Hall. In the Great Hall, counselors have been putting on cartoons to allow campers the opportunity to relax for a bit. In the lobby, you’ll find campers making friendship bracelets and using the Warm and Fuzzy Board. The Warm and Fuzzy Board is a longtime tradition at VAMPY, where campers can leave supportive and positive notes for one another as the days pass. Upstairs in the computer lab, campers often chill out as a counselor plays music for them.

By far the two busiest locations during community time are the lawn and the fourth-floor common area colloquially known as “The Den.” On the lawn, campers toss a football, play soccer, and take part in a myriad of other active games. The Den features two ping-pong tables, a foosball table, a piano, and another projection system usually used to play Just Dance.

As a former camper, I remember how much fun I had seeing all my friends at the end of the day during community time, no matter what we were doing. Now as a counselor, it’s a wonderful opportunity to interact with campers who aren’t on my wing and get to know them just a little bit better. While it only lasts forty-five minutes on a normal day, it’s a much appreciated part of camp for everyone.

 – Coleman R.

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