Creating a New Business Makes Math Fun

Students from Camp Innovate’s math class are having fun designing their own food trucks, using their math and creative skills to engineer their trucks. Anna M. explained she is making a dessert truck and happily said, “my favorite dessert is brownies!” Jordan P. is creating a deli truck and Collins is incorporating hot dogs, hamburgers, and desserts.


On Wednesday, students were busy calculating the areas of their tiny kitchen appliances and strategically organizing them to fit perfectly in the small space. Teacher Cathy Willoughby said they had put together menus, logos, and creative designs to help market their food trucks. Once they decided on their designs, they completed the math on how much paint would be needed and the cost involved with the project.


Today, students were putting the promotional design with colors and shape of their trucks together. By Friday, they will have completed a model of their food truck and will have learned some great lessons in math, design, business, and marketing.