VAMPY Campers are Getting Creative with Their Writing

This week, the students in VAMPY’s writing course explored the nuances of creative writing. The week started off with an in-depth study of sentence structure. The students learned how appositives, descriptive language, and variations in sentence structure can add to the cohesiveness and quality of their writing. To practice these skills, they wrote 6 word memoirs, dozens of practice sentences, and attempted to “show” – as opposed to “telling” – the reader an emotion or setting by manipulating their vernacular.

As the week progressed, the students changed gears and began research for their Multi-Modal Multi-Genre projects. These projects will feature a central argument supported by a variety of primary and secondary sources, including (but not limited to) books, comics, and research articles. Simultaneously, they began to compile works written in class to start the assembly of VAMPY’s Literary Magazine.

On Thursday, special guest M Hendrix, author of “The Chaperone,” came to visit VAMPY’s writing class. The students were given the opportunity to pick her brain about everything publishing related, and they asked questions about the literary techniques she uses to create suspense and develop a plot. To the delight of the students, Hendrix gave everyone a signed copy of her newest release. Overall, the first week of VAMPY’s writing course has been incredibly constructive and, most importantly, filled with fun.

– Bella N.

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