Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (July 10)

This morning students got with their political party & worked on their platform for Friday’s debate.  We then watched several Saturday Night Live political skits that were done over the 2000 presidential election.  Two of our students role-played the 2000 presidential debate between George W. Bush & Al Gore.  We then discussed some of the major events & issues that happened during the George W. Bush presidency as we examined how historians have started to evaluate his administration.

After lunch students went to the library to research several court cases during the Bush years in addition to the 2004 presidential election & a topic of their choice that dealt with the Bush presidency.  We then ended the day with three of our quarterfinal matches of the Presidential Face-Off Tournament.  Congratulations to Jonathan, Reed, & Lance for their victories in the tournament today.  The three presidents that have already made the semifinals are Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, & James Polk.

Tomorrow morning we will finish the quarterfinal round in addition to having our team competition of our Presidential Hall of Shame Tournament.  We will also examine some of the major events of the Barack Obama presidency.  Wednesday night students finished their study hall project over their version of other presidents they think deserve to be on a new Mount Rushmore.