Counselor’s Corner: The Past Three Weeks Have Flown Me By

NicoleIt’s hard to reconcile with the fact that camp will be ending in two short days. Although, we have packed a ton of things into that time. Talent Show, Cryfest, the formal Dinner, the last dance, and the last night are all long awaited and fast approaching.

Not only are there more exciting events coming, but today was the last day for other events. Our last day of optionals was today. We saved a lot of good optionals for the end. Some of those included Fancy Gentleman Society (in which they dressed nicely, played croquet, and drank apple juice) Karaoke, and many others. The kids definitely had a blast! Today was also the last study hall, which was used by many as a time to wrap up for presentations and prepare for assessments.

This time makes me nostalgic for my years as a camper and so hopeful for these young campers. I think I am most excited to see the talents that they have tomorrow at the talent show, but I have also been reflecting on all the ways they have made me so proud through their intelligence, curiosity, and ambition.

As a past generation’s song says “When you’re having fun time really flies, the past three weeks have flown me by, so thanks for the great time!”