Teacher’s Talk: Chinese (Day 13)

photoChinese use beautiful red paper cutting decorations in their houses and offices to bring good luck. The subjects of their paper cutting are usually the characters of 福,喜,春,children, 12 Zodiac animals, flowers, fish, and peaches.

Students in the Chinese class practiced paper cutting for the very first time and Sarah seemed pretty happy with her character “double luck” 喜喜。


photo[1]To show our appreciation for the help of some of the WKU faculty members, Katarina made a paper cut “double luck” Chinese character 喜喜 for Carol.


photo[2]Andrew could help but stroke the soft fur of the Chinese lion displayed in the Chinese Learning Center of Confucius Center. It is perfect for the Chinese class to be held in the Learning Center in Helm Library. Students get to explore Chinese culture right in a place with all the wonderful artifacts from China.