VAMPY 2013: Recap Day 14

VAMPY is almost over, but the learning continues on day 14 of class.  From the trigonometry of sound waves (Performed by our own Dr. Bruce Kessler) to the shooting of rockets, the fun had by learning can be seen all across WKU’s campus. Astronomy Humanities (taken by Katie Cohron) Math and Physics Presidential Politics (Taken […]

Teacher’s Talk: Physics (Day 9-14)

These past few days have been action packed for our students! Between vigorous labs and demonstrations for light, waves, optics, and electromagnetics, we have went on trips and have had guest lectures to keep us entertained while we learn. Our trip to Huntsville, Alabama with the Astronomy and Future Problem Solving classes was definitely a […]

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese (Day 13)

Chinese use beautiful red paper cutting decorations in their houses and offices to bring good luck. The subjects of their paper cutting are usually the characters of 福,喜,春,children, 12 Zodiac animals, flowers, fish, and peaches. Students in the Chinese class practiced paper cutting for the very first time and Sarah seemed pretty happy with her […]

Teacher’s Talk: Presidential Politics (July 10)

This morning students got with their political party & worked on their platform for Friday’s debate.  We then watched several Saturday Night Live political skits that were done over the 2000 presidential election.  Two of our students role-played the 2000 presidential debate between George W. Bush & Al Gore.  We then discussed some of the […]

Counselor’s Corner: The Past Three Weeks Have Flown Me By

It’s hard to reconcile with the fact that camp will be ending in two short days. Although, we have packed a ton of things into that time. Talent Show, Cryfest, the formal Dinner, the last dance, and the last night are all long awaited and fast approaching. Not only are there more exciting events coming, […]

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