Teacher’s Talk: Physics (Day 9-14)

These past few days have been action packed for our students! Between vigorous labs and demonstrations for light, waves, optics, and electromagnetics, we have went on trips and have had guest lectures to keep us entertained while we learn.

Our trip to Huntsville, Alabama with the Astronomy and Future Problem Solving classes was definitely a success. The students visited interactive exhibits about black holes, evolution of rockets, and how astronauts function in space, along with other similar topics. They watched a movie about new cosmic discoveries made with the latest telescopes, and they most assuredly tested out the few scattered amusement park rides. We all had a great time!

The following day, Dr. Lee and I took just our students over to Warren Central High School to see his infamous Wave Show. There, we completed our wave lessons with lasers, dancning fire, and other educational yet entertaining productions. The kids got to take a ride on his own hovercraft afterwards and had a smashing good time.

Today, we are sitting in on the Math classes’ sound lecture. We hear that it is a rocking experience!

The bridges are done and we are close behind. With only a day left, we are winding down on material and plan on sending the students off on a pleasant note, feeling accomplished and benefited.