Teacher’s Talk: Calligraphy & Folktales! (Chinese Day 3)

  • Today I did calligraphy in Chinese class. It was really, really fun. I learned that to write the characters properly, you must have good posture and hold the brush upright. There are certain areas that you have to press down harder while writing. It takes a long time to get good at it, but I had lots of fun, even though I am not very good yet. I got better as I was writing, though. – Katrina
  • The thing I most enjoyed today was calligraphy. It is fun to me because it allows artistry and creativity in writing. I would like to learn how to do more characters. – Andrew
  • Today I created my first character using Chinese calligraphy. I enjoyed this very much. At home, I paint fairly often, so I liked that calligraphy is somewhat similar. I am always interested in the art of creating characters, whether they are written with a pencil or created with ink and a brush. –┬áTori
  • Today we read several interesting folktales. We even went off on our own to research chosen topics. I read about China’s first dynasty, and the folktales surrounding it. This included a story of Qin the emperor who sought out an elixir of immortality. He sent XuFu to a celestial island to seek it out, which resulted in the formation of a race of Japanese folks. – Graham