Counselor’s Corner: Dixa Patel

DixaAs the morning began today, the campers slowly but surely followed their counselors to breakfast to begin yet another exciting day at VAMPY. Most seemed to have worked out the kinks and had been able to find a somewhat steady routine that would ensure their survival at camp over the next three weeks. As breakfast came to an end, the children set off on a new day of learning in their classes that we, as counselors, would be hearing much of during lunch.

When the campers began to check back in after class, it set in that tonight would be another night filled with amazing optionals that would certainly keep the kids on their toes. The optionals ranged from running from end zone to end zone with football and twisting with excellent rhythmic kinetics (aka a dance party) to finger painting and relaxing with some yoga. But as optionals came to an end, the campers scurried to get their belongings to head to study hall with their TA’s. As our hour of peace and quiet away from the campers came to an end, we were meet by a herd of kids all to ready to enjoy the hour of community time. However, this time had to be cut short a little due to weather conditions, but to my surprise my girls were not opposed to having extra time to spend together in our hallway. There is no doubt in my mind this was a successful day at camp and only one of the many more to come.