Teacher’s Talk: Humanities

Today during the Humanities class, students discussed ancient Egypt and their views of the afterlife. Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead, a process that was very important to their religious beliefs. During the mummification process, all major organs were removed. The liver, lungs, intestines, and stomach were each placed in their own jar, called a Canopic […]

Teacher’s Talk: Physics (Day 4)

Today we delved into the world of forces, which entailed learning about Newton’s Laws. The day was filled with interactive presentations and demonstrations. For example, the students saw firsthand just how a magician can successfully pull out a tablecloth from under all sorts of dishes, and then they got to have a go at it […]

VAMPY 2013: Recap Day 4

The campers were busy again today in the classes we visited.  We saw chemistry in action with balloons, the charting of stars in the astronomy class, and a debate in action between the Presidential Politics class and the Chinese Class.  A busy day of learning again at VAMPY!!   Astronomy Chemistry Chinese and Presidential Politics […]

Teacher’s Talk: Chinese – Day 4

When Graham, closing opposition, made his argument during the debate over “Should the USA and China work together to reduce pollution?” Griffin raised a POI, point of interest! Both Chinese class and Presidential Politics collaborated and had a British Parliamentary style debate and the students all did a fantastic job after days of research on […]

Teacher’s Talk: Sustainability (Day 1-3)

Hello! My name is Stephanie Menser and I am the teaching assistant for the Sustainability class here at VAMPY.  So far at camp this year we are all having an amazing time.  We dug right in to sustainability the first day of class and the students were already very knowledgable on the subject.  On the […]

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