Counselor’s Corner: Eileen Doan


Today was the first day of camp and it turned out to be an eventful yet tiring day. The campers followed their TA’s after breakfast to the their classes and us counselors went off to plan for the rest of the day. By the time the campers came back after their first day of class, they were eager to tell us about their classes and rave about how much fun it is going to be.

The optionals for today included soccer, capture the flag, an ice cream social, dance party, theater games, ultimate frisbee, mafia, and extreme Pictionary. Students raced against the clock to sign up for their favorite activities while counselors attempted to find a way to keep everyone properly hydrated. When the optionals were over, students met up with their TA’s and went to study hall for an hour before returning for community time. A fire drill was had later that night to ensure the campers know the proper place to be when a building is on fire, and by the time the campers got back on their wings, they were pretty ready to sleep away the exhaustion of the day.

Eileen Doan

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