Counselor’s Corner: Cortney Stewart

Cortney SAt the end of the first day of VAMPY, the girls of McLean Hall’s first floor came together for some tea time before bed. Seung-Yen (Sunny) and I offered our girls a variety of teas and some time to chat with each other about how the day had been and plan activities for floor time later in the week. We had black tea and green tea as well as several caffeine-free herbal teas like raspberry, black cherry, blueberry, lemon, peppermint, and a sleepytime blend. The girls who liked tea got to have one of their old favorites and the ones who didn’t know how they felt about tea got to try something new. Raspberry was a favorite, but no one really enjoyed the blueberry tea. It was a great way for us to unwind after an exciting first day of camp where we’re all still getting to know each other and the day’s schedule. I think the campers really liked getting to just sit and chat with each other before room time. I’m excited to repeat the relaxing evening as VAMPY wears on and things get even busier. It’s  a great way to start off a great three weeks of camp!

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