VAMPY 2013: Recap (Day 2)

WKU’s campus was buzzing again today as students were debating key political issues, learning new languages, and even making some interesting machines!   Arabic Presidential Politics STEAM Labs

Teacher’s Talk: Problems You Have Never Solved Before (Day 1)

Hello! My name is Amar Patel, and I am one of the instructors for “Problems You Have Never Solved Before” this year (my fourth year at VAMPY). I am very excited to get to know all the students as is the other course instructor, Catherine Poteet. We hope this course will be a great opportunity […]

Teacher’s Talk: Genetics (Day 2)

Today in class the students continued their previous experiments as well as beginning some new ones. They continued their corn experiment by taking care of their corn this morning. Although we have seen no progress in plant growth yet, the students will continue to care for their plants until the plants are large enough for […]

Teacher’s Talk: JP Stovall visits Chinese Class

Who would imagine that J.P.Stovall would walk in where Chinese class is held right before he leaves for Harbin, China the next day? J. P. is an outstanding student in WKU Chinese Flagship program and he was happy to share his China experience with all the young ones in the Chinese program. He said his […]

Teacher’s Talk: Writing (Day 1)

Day one of VAMPY Writing was fabulous.  VAMPY Writers, Audrey and I were engaged all day getting to know each other, discussing class projects and expectations, and getting the opportunity to explore the writers and readers in ourselves. I have attached the class schedule for the next three weeks, so family can see what our […]

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