Teacher’s Talk: Chinese Class (Day 1)


  • The most interesting thing I did in Chinese class today was being given a Chinese name and learning to write and say it. The name I was given was Jia Na. I also learned how to do British Parliamentary Style debate. Since I’ve been learning Japanese, it’s fun to find some similarities between Japanese and Chinese. – Katarina
  • I learned how to pronounce and spell my Chinese name, as given to me by Mrs. Lin. I very much enjoyed writing the characters and learning the various accents used when speaking the language. I also found it very interesting that Chinese names are created with different combinations of characters, whereas American names are picked. This makes the names much more unique. – Tori
  • Today we went to see the museum adjacent to our classroom. The art was beautiful, especially the Jade. They call it the living stone, and for good reason. It looks like kind of solid liquid, like motion frozen. The purple Jade even looked like wine being poured. What I got from the whole experience is that Chinese culture is amazingly passionate, particularly in their handiwork. – Graham
  • I was given my Chinese name and I learned each Chinese name is unique. Parents would choose specific characters implying qualities they want their children to possess. For examples, parents want their girl to be pretty and strong, they might chose the character for “rose” and the character for “jade.” – Sarah