VAMPY 2013: Day 1 Recap

Welcome VAMPY parents, friends, and all others viewing our blog.  Each school day, we will recap the activities that took place in the classroom, but the majority of the reviewing will take place from the eyes of a camera lens.  (We figure you may want to see your kids in class!)

To highlight a few areas, our COUNSELOR’S CORNER section is a spot where at least once a day, a Counselor will take time to reflect on what occurred during the full day, which includes what fun things happen at night.

The TEACHER’S TALK section is an area where teachers write about their classes experiences, recap the previous few days, and preview the future days.

Below are the pictures we were able to capture from the classes today.  (To see the Genetics pictures, click here to see their blog post!)

Math, Dr. Brantley’s class

Math, Dr. Haynes’ class

Math, Dr. Kessler’s class

Physics, Dr. Lee’s class

Sustainability Mr. Baker and Ms. Sheffield’s class