Counselor’s Corner: Talent Show Fun!

SCATS 2012 Talent Show

Last night was one of the most memorable nights at SCATS — the annual talent show! Over the past week and a half, the campers have continued to amaze me with their intellectual curiosity and love of learning. But, the talent show is one of my favorite activities at SCATS because it is a wonderful opportunity to highlight how gifted our campers are outside of the classroom as well. From ballet to original monologues, our campers have once again proved how exceptional they are. The show was a lively mix of genres and styles, ranging from classical piano performances to rap and everything in between.

Counselor Robin Frazer
Counselor Robin Frazer

Beyond showcasing the individual talents of campers, I also love the talent show because it illustrates the unique sense of community created here at SCATS. In less than two weeks, the campers have formed a special bond of support and unity that extends to all areas of the camp. The audience warmly embraced the campers on stage, and the performers’ stage fright gradually dissipated throughout their act as they realized they were in the company of friends. Even when lyrics were forgotten, the audience was there to sing along and help the performers finish the act.

As SCATS quickly comes to an end, I know that the community created here will continue to live on through the friendships and memories of the campers. I hope that they have learned as much from each other as I have from them!

SCATS 2012 Talent ShowSCATS 2012 Talent Show 1