Counselor’s Corner: Optionals Conclude and the Talent Show Wows

SCATS 2012 Talent Show

The last round of optional activities was Monday evening. There were so many good optionals to choose from, and campers were scrambling to find the best one. I hosted a Bookworm optional with Kristine. This was an hour and a half dedicated to reading, which appealed to a good number of campers. It was a great optional because it gave campers a chance to relax after a hectic week and six hours of classes. The other reason we chose to do this optional was Jennifer Bradbury, author of Wrapped and Shift, is coming to speak tonight. Each camper was given one of her books, and this optional allowed a lot of the students to get farther in their reading if they hadn’t already finished the book. Jennifer’s talk is just one of the evening activities that gives campers a wide range of experiences.

Counselor Nicole Heimerdinger
Counselor Nicole Heimerdinger

Last night’s talent show was another event that campers definitely look forward to! As a camper, I participated and loved all of the other acts as well. Within the talent show there are some traditional skits that have continued through the years because of the returning campers and the counselors. The MCs did a really great job, both on and off stage, keeping the performers calm and entertaining the audience. It takes a lot of guts to get on stage and show your talents. I am especially proud of all the campers who performed despite their stage fright!

Six of my girls were in the talent show, and it was so great to watch them practice and see their talents before the show. During community time, a lot of the performers took time to practice, and this proved to be a great time for them to get used to performing in front of people. The musical acts always attract a big crowd when practicing, and it really displays the sense of community at camp!

SCATS 2012 Talent ShowSCATS 2012 Talent Show