Science Scenes at SCATS 2012

Our campers have participated in some very exciting chemistry and genetics experiments this week, so we wanted to dedicate this gallery to scenes of science here at SCATS 2012. Whether making a necklace containing a strand of DNA, learning the science behind the Harry Potter films, or constructing homemade thermometers, the students have demonstrated some […]

Counselor’s Corner: Optionals Conclude and the Talent Show Wows

The last round of optional activities was Monday evening. There were so many good optionals to choose from, and campers were scrambling to find the best one. I hosted a Bookworm optional with Kristine. This was an hour and a half dedicated to reading, which appealed to a good number of campers. It was a great optional […]

Counselor’s Corner: Talent Show Fun!

Last night was one of the most memorable nights at SCATS — the annual talent show! Over the past week and a half, the campers have continued to amaze me with their intellectual curiosity and love of learning. But, the talent show is one of my favorite activities at SCATS because it is a wonderful […]

Kentucky’s Future by Way of the Past: Week Two

We had a wonderful time learning about Kentucky’s history and looking into its future last week. Last Tuesday, we toured the Kentucky Museum and learned about Kentucky’s artists, Duncan Hines, and the role the Civil War played in Kentucky’s history. We also looked at quilts and clothing from different eras. In class, each student has […]

SCATS 2012 Talent Show

We are so proud of our campers for being both expert performers and exceptional audience members during our SCATS 2012 Talent Show last night. On the stage, they displayed an array of talents from ballet dancing to Yo-Yo spinning, banjo playing to rapping, singing to acting, and much more. In the audience, our campers cheered […]

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