Kentucky’s Future by Way of the Past: Week Two

Kentucky Future by Way of the Past SCATS Class

We had a wonderful time learning about Kentucky’s history and looking into its future last week. Last Tuesday, we toured the Kentucky Museum and learned about Kentucky’s artists, Duncan Hines, and the role the Civil War played in Kentucky’s history. We also looked at quilts and clothing from different eras.

Kentucky Future by Way of the Past SCATS ClassIn class, each student has been studying one of several Kentucky domains — education, government, the arts, recreation, vocation/industry, food/agriculture, social mores, or economics. They were to look at the role their domain played in 1792, 1892, and 1992, and we discussed how these areas had changed or not changed.

This week, the students shared their research with their classmates and discussed their findings. They are now looking at where they see Kentucky in 2092 and creating a project to present on Friday. They are to discuss each of the domains in their final projects and add in other areas that we may not have discussed. They are having great conversations and coming up with some amazing thoughts and ideas about where our state is heading.

Tomorrow, we will be back at the Kentucky Museum spending time in the log cabin and making soap and candles to see how our ancestors lived!

Kentucky Future by Way of the Past SCATS Class