Campers get a new perspective on math

When you walk into Jessi Hampton’s Geometrocity class, students are busy building mini structures for their cities out of graph paper. Jessi gave them instructions on how to create patterns, known as geometric nets, that are the building blocks of their cities.

According to Hampton, many of the campers took the main geometric concepts and expanded to make larger structures for their cities. It was fun to see their creativity in the towns they constructed.

Ben F. took his town to another level. It was full of color and themed companies that look a lot like companies we know. For example, he had a donut shop called “Bunk and Bonuts,” a coffee company called “Starducks,” and a technology company “Lemon.” Claire H.  added a creative twist with her town in what appeared to be more of a rural setting. Near her geometric buildings, she had a pond with flowers and whimsical trees filling the landscape.

Students left with a sense of pride in their finished products and a jump start to future geometry classes.

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