Campers tackle community problems

Students put their critical thinking skills to use and identified a need in their communities for the LEAD class at Camp Discover. Teacher Morgan Meredith assigned “Project Proposal,” a service learning project.

Jazzi C., right, is no stranger to community projects. She recently received funding in her hometown of Louisville, KY, to spearhead a community greenhouse proposal. “In the west end of our city, there is only one grocery store for 60,000 people,” she said. “My goal is to end generational poverty. People in the west end work hard, and we have come up with a plan to create a greenhouse at my school to help the families who live there.”

For class, Jazzi expanded on her existing project by adding an element of education on how to grow the food. “It’s one thing to give them the food, but it’s another to teach them how to grow their own food,” she said.

Connor H. has also recognized a need for food in Lebanon, KY. He came up with a plan called “Connor’s Food Drive” to offer food to those in need by having a continuous food drive. Easton D. identified some neighborhoods in his town where children are isolated from other children. His plan, “Middletown Mentors” is to create a group of individuals who will help the neighbors who need a little help with their children. This group of mentors would be available to play games with a child who might not have a lot of kids in their neighborhood or provide mentoring services if they need extra help. The idea is to help those kids get out of isolation.

Throughout the week, campers learned about the characteristics of leaders and began to cultivate their own skills.