Campers are game to try new skills

The second year of Design and Coding was an excellent way for returning students to enhance their skills and for new students to learn the craft of game design. Students learned how to design three different types of games: Classic, Platform, and Top-down RPG.

Teacher Jennifer Emberton said every student published at least one game. Niyah T. said her favorite of the three she created was the “Escape Barbie” classic game she created.

Much like the campers in Coding class, students in Natalie McCutchen’s Breakout Games 2.0 took on the task of creating a challenging game for others to solve. Each day they worked on various breakout games, both online and physical, to further their problem-solving skills.

Both classes encouraged using 21st century skills, creativity, and problem solving while having a lot of fun at the same time.

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