Discover campers explore creativity through weaving

On the first day of camp, students in Dianne Wade’s class warped their looms in preparation for a week of weaving. The instructor tacked several woven bags on the board at the front of the room as inspiration and had images on the big screen to show weaving styles and techniques.

Choosing from several colors of yarn, students eagerly began their projects with a basic weave. After mastering the basics, Dianne illustrated a slightly higher level, the basket weave, for students to try. Both had a unique look that added a different texture and design to the projects.

The art of weaving was not new to some of the students. Sophia R. and Kamren P. have done weaving projects previously at home, so they felt right at home with their looms. Carson S., however, had never attempted weaving but had a great start with a perfectly uniform weave on his first try.

“I really liked it,” Mark G. said. “Weaving is fun.”

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