Welcome back, Discover campers!

Camp Discover II is unique compared to all our other camps as it is the only one to have all returning campers. Everyone who came to Camp Discover I in 2022 is back for another incredible week of summer. This time though, the living experience feels new to many of our campers as we are staying at Florence Schneider Hall (last year we were in Minton Hall). Campers spent the initial time upon arrival in awe of what the rooms were like, getting excited over things like the common areas and heat lamps in the bathrooms. Other than that, we were off to a familiar start. We went to dinner where campers delighted about all the choices at Fresh Food. Lots of excitement was given to the return of the ice cream machine.

Later that evening, we headed outside to play a series of games to help campers get reacquainted with each other and potentially meet some new friends. A fan favorite this year was patella tag. In this game, everyone is “it”! People try to tag each other’s knee while avoiding getting their knees touched. When someone’s knee gets tapped, they need to kneel until someone can high-five them.

We have other great games like Duck, Duck, Goose; Red Light, Green Light; and 2 Truths and a Lie. After the round of games, we bring it back to the building so campers can get rested and ready for the first day of classes!

– Wade V., counselor