Campers bring their A game to Yam Time 2

This week, Kenyan W. and I teamed up again for another one of our famous “Femi-Kenyan Active Optionals.”

This time our activity was Yam Time 2: A New Legacy. First, we lowered the outdoor basketball goal to eight feet and let the campers see if they could dunk on it. Afterward, Kenyan and I showed off a few more creative dunks to entertain the campers. We threw down some windmills, East Bays, lobs, etc.

Once everyone was warmed up, the campers split up into three teams of four. These teams then faced each other in 4v4 king of the court. With the goal still lowered, the campers had the opportunity to show off their athletic ability. After some time, even Kenyan and I got involved, we played as a team of two, and Kenyan even played as a team of one.

After around forty minutes, the kids decided they wanted to play a game of 6v6. This is where the competition started to get more intense. We saw some great ball movement, thunderous dunks, deep shots, athletic blocks, and just some good overall basketball. With only a few minutes left of Yam Time, we let the campers face off at the rim. One camper would run at the goal trying to dunk, while the other would attempt to block. To cap off the night, Kenyan and I tried to dunk on each other. Kenyan went first. His dunk was blocked but floated into the goal. Then I went. While Kenyan got a hand on it, I still ended up slamming in my dunk. I absolutely bodied him. Some stand out players from the night were Hailyn H., Mason P., Hayden M., Aryan P., Patrick S., and Ezra S.

– Femi O., counselor