Ladies and gentlemen, the weekend

After a long week of classes, VAMPY students shifted their focus for a weekend full of fun!

Friendly competition ensues among counselor groups for the traditional VAMPY Olympics. Countries included Assyria, Atlantis, Ancient Rome, and, of course, the USA! From trivia to dodgeball, storytelling to tug-of-war, the Olympics offers opportunities for everyone to showcase their skills. Assyria ended up with the victory with Atlantis in a close second.

Paper Theatre is a long-standing VAMPY tradition where campers write a skit and create costumes and props using only newspaper, a marker, and tape! Cinderella Wild West edition, Rapunzel sports edition, and Wizard of Oz Among Us edition were among the prompts for this year’s performances. 

On Sundays we relax with lots of community time and movie night! Face painting, tie dye and Just Dance are a few of the options campers had this Sunday. 

A classic VAMPY cookout is how we rounded out the weekend! The campers are ready for a great second week of classes. 

— Elizabeth M., counselor

VAMPY 2023 Day 5, Olympics, and Paper Theatre
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