Covering the basics and beyond in Computer Science

In the VAMPY Computer Science class, students are working through the Computer Science Principles Curriculum. This consists not only learning about the basis of the internet and how it came to be, but also a deep dive in the programming language JavaScript. We started the course by working through lessons on how computers think and the essentials of binary code. Now that we are further into the course, the students have enthusiastically dived into the world of coding. With each lesson, some campers catch on quickly and some have questions, but they all work together amazingly to deepen their understanding.

When I asked Bennett U. about his favorite part of the course so far, he said, “I love getting the time to make the games I played on the last section!”  Another student, Lucas S., said he really enjoys study hall because he gets to keep learning in a more relaxed setting.

Our computer science students have been working hard, playing hard, and learning more and more about programming every day, and they are all excited for our trip to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL, next week to see how computer science has helped in the field of rocket science and engineering!

— Bradley W., teaching assistant