VAMPY takes a trip to the theater

This past Friday, campers climbed the steps to their balcony seats at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center, candy and popcorn in hand. The kids were “eager and ecstatic” to watch the live version of a childhood classic, “Beauty & the Beast.”

“I am feeling excited and ready for the theater. ‘Beauty & the Beast’ is an amazing show that brings back so many fond memories,” remarked Carmen T., a fourth-year camper who has previously performed as Chip in a production of “Beauty & the Beast.”

Campers enjoyed several musical numbers, remarking on anything from Lumiere’s antics to Gaston’s operatic performances. Many campers had discussions on theater etiquette, the quality of the production, and their favorite scenes. For fourth-year camper Grace F., who contributed greatly to this blog post, Mrs. Pott’s rendition of “Tale as Old as Time” took the cake.

In this tale as old as time, VAMPY campers had tons of fun!

— Evie E., counselor, and Grace F., camper

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