Pop Culture provides a unique look at history

Pop Culture students have been journeying through the 19th and 20th centuries over the past week and a half at VAMPY. The students have learned and experienced Pop Culture through film, lecture, debates, experiences around campus, art projects, and even a lecture from Dr. Tony Harkins of the WKU history department. At study hall, the students read “The Great Gatsby for the 1920s section of the class. The late 19th century was covered through the movie “Gone with the Wind.” The students learned about the penny press of the 1800s and put that knowledge to use by creating woodblock prints.

The students also have been learning about pop culture through different types of mass media. The class has taken two mini field trips around campus to see the process of creating media. Pop Culture was fortunate enough to visit the home of the Talisman and The College Heights Herald and view archives from as early of the 1960s. The students had the opportunity of practicing their best radio voices at the WKU radio station. 

— Marti F., teaching assistant

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