Welcome to Innovate 2023

Approximately 60 rising fourth, fifth, and sixth graders brought great energy and excitement to campus to begin their weeklong adventure at Camp Innovate. Teachers greeted students with a variety of classes, including math, art, science, language arts, and the discipline of clowning.

In the language arts class, students had already written and read creative story ideas. Class teacher Tamara O’Nan, also known as Ms. Nano, was encouraging her students to share what they liked about each other’s story ideas and their vocabulary choices. One student told her neighbor student, “I liked the suspense of your writing.” Ms. O’Nan added, “I liked how I could visualize it.” On the first day, students were busy using their minds-on, hands-on approach to dig deeper into plot concepts and story ideas they can expand upon during the week.

The first day proved to be successful as families eagerly picked up their kids, ready to hear how the day evolved. We can’t wait to see where their innovative minds head for the next four days!

Camp Innovate 2023 Day 1