Counselor Corner with Mario

The first full day at VAMPY started in class, where everyone was introduced into the interesting topics that they will be studying for the next three weeks. After class, campers were welcomed back by their counselors on the front lawn of Florence Schneider Hall.

Campers anxiously awaited the list of Optionals, our daily afternoon activities. Optionals are a time for campers to hang out with friends, play games, or participate in activities that are meticulously planned by our counselors.

The rain halted some of the outside fun we usually have in the summer, but campers had the opportunity to go outside and play all the different types of tag with counselors Wade and WP to get a breath of fresh air. Other campers participated in art activities like button making where campers drew and designed their own buttons that were then stamped by counselors Jack and Sydney. Campers’ lanyards are now filled with expressive badges that they flaunt with pride and joy.

Other campers fought tooth and nail in a spelling bee led by counselor Evie, with mispronounced words. It ended as a close game won by only 1 point.

And finally, an Optional for the celebration of the now federal holiday of Juneteenth, led by counselors Femi and Kenyan, where Black History was celebrated by watching culturally significant historical media.

We are very excited for all the Optionals we will have in the following weeks, and hope that the weather allows us to get these kids outside!

-Mario H.

VAMPY 2023 Day 1