Counselor Corner with Mikah

Last night was the first of our three weeks at VAMPY, and we had a night filled with fun activities for the new campers! After our inaugural dinner at the Fresh Food Company, campers had orientation with Dr. Julia Roberts, where they started learning about their counselors with information like their college and their majors. After the counselors were introduced, it was time for the campers to be introduced to each other. They all went outside to play icebreaker games run by the counselors in teams of two or three. The games included telephone, two truths one lie, facts volleyball, ninja, patella tag, red light green light, and duck duck goose. 

The campers went through and played all of the activities with each counselor and with different groups of campers so that they could learn more about each other. After all the fun and games, we came back to the dormitory. After a brief fire drill, we brought our first night to a close. Personally, I am completely sure that all the campers will have a great time here at VAMPY this summer!

-Mikah B.