Tuesday’s Art and Design Class Was a Roaring Success

As the title suggests, Camp Innovate is all about creating new things and ideas. In Sydney Young’s Abstract Art and Design class, students are learning different techniques and terms in the field of art.

Ms. Young began the class by asking the students to define a line. Several students commented on their ideas about lines. Ms. Young shared images of different types of lines (e.g., straight, curly, and free form). This was the opening to the lines students began drawing to make their own unique tigers. Students began creating their tigers, step by step with Ms. Young guiding the way. They began with a small triangular nose, then mouth, whiskers, eyes, and so on until each student had a completed face of a tiger.

After the sketches were complete, Ms. Young shared a chart about analogous colors. Student Marlee S. understood the lesson well and was more than happy to explain her reasoning for her chalk color choices for her tiger. “I used red, orange, and yellow so the colors won’t turn brown when blended.” Ms. Young had explained that the colors next to each other on the wheel she had displayed would blend well together with chalk and, while the colors on the wheel that are opposite of each other look good together, such as the red and green, they will turn brown when blending.

Day Two in art class was a roaring success!

Camp Innovate 2023 Day 2

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