Counselor Corner with Sydney

Over the past few days, our campers have been working diligently on their talent show performances. Wednesday was the big day for our sixteen camper acts ranging from instrumental skills to a myriad of Hamilton songs and a nail-biting Rubix cube race. Our emcees – Kk, Connor, Ben, and Desiree – opened the show with a skit where they discovered that our head counselor Mario was dead! I’ll get back to the plot of that in a bit.

Our first few acts included “Dot Dot Dot,” where we heard the first performance of the original “Closet Elf” song, “Bounce,” where we heard the musical stylings of Alysa J. and Tierra N., and performances of Hamilton songs “Guns and Ships” and “Schuyler Sisters” by Ryan G. and Connor S. and by Alani W., Lila B., and Lilly O., respectively. At the midway point, we saw the counselor update. Here the counselors went over some funny highlights of camp so far. Then we had several large group numbers: “You’ll be Back” by the 3rd-floor girls, “Before He Cheats” by the 4th-floor girls, and “Men in Black,” a dance number by a collaboration of the 2nd and 3rd-floor girls.

To end the night, the emcees discovered it was actually Connor who was killing the counselors!! He wanted the head counselor role for himself and he got it! Overall we had a great night celebrating the campers’ talents and creativity. 

SCATS 2023 Talent Show