Art Class Brought New Challenges Each Day

Students in the Abstract Art and Design class put their creative minds to work! Instructor Sydney Young has offered unique projects each day to engage students in the world of art using different tools and mediums. When asked about the class, Ainsley W. said, “It’s a blast! My favorite was the optical illusion tubes we created; you didn’t have to worry about messing up!”

Each day, Ms. Young offered a new project with new materials and challenges. There was one activity called “Continuous Line Drawing” that allowed the students to draw a partner’s image without picking up their drawing tool from the paper. They were given a set amount of time of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and longer to try to draw the student next to them. Sam U. said the exercise was “a bit intimidating, but pretty fun.”

Steele W. enjoyed the self-portrait sketching because of the challenge and Mark G. liked making landscapes with construction paper.  “We got to make it our own with different paper,” said Mark.

Other projects included patterned landscapes, silhouette paintings, and Sam’s favorite- geometric shape marker drawings.  These students will have quite the portfolio to take home from this class!