Counselor Corner with Femi

Yesterday for one of the Optionals, Kenyan and I ran a game of whiffle ball. The campers split into two teams of seven, and Kenyan acted as the all-time pitcher. Team Elijah and Team Soham were the names that the campers chose for their teams. The beginning of the game saw little action as both teams struggled to score. Team Soham changed this when they scored the first run of the game. Soon after, Team Elijah tied the game up with a run of their own. The score remained tied for the majority of the game. However, during the top of the last inning, Team Elijah would change that. They would go on to score four consecutive runs, largely due to errors made by the pitcher. Team Soham had one last chance to win it but would quickly gain three outs. Team Elijah took the win with a final score of 5-1. After the game, I got a chance to interview some players about the game. I asked them what they thought about whiffle ball tonight. Connor Hutchins said, “I had a lot of fun.” Raif Dennison said, “It was good.” Finally, Rybal Qaisi said, “I could have done better, but the pitcher was also selling.”

 – Femi O.

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