Counselor Corner with WP

This past Saturday may have started slow, with campers slowly rising from bed with the incentive of donuts; however, it quickly picked up with the opening ceremony of the 2023 SCATS Olympics. Campers roared with pride for their countries, both real and imaginary, as their counselors presented their country’s flags. With events branching across all categories, such as trivia, dodgeball, art and musical chairs, everyone had the chance to show off their skills. Olympics continued throughout the afternoon, concluding with tug of war before dinner. 
With a fresh shower and full stomachs, campers made their way to the event of the night- paper theater. Campers were given prompts of fairy tale themes with whacky twists, and were split into groups to be sent out to make costumes and props using recycled newspaper. Having come up with roles and building pieces for everyone, campers returned to perform their acts. With performances such as Jack and the Beanstalk: In Space, campers had a blast.
Events such as these are what makes SCATS important for gifted students. They allow students to break from their shells and embrace their imagination. What would be classified as a field day to most camps is defined as a major event- the Olympics. What many would see as kids playing around with newspapers could be the first performance of a gifted student’s life, their first experience conquering stage fright due to the sense of belonging that revolves around camp. Both activities an opportunity for campers to express themselves.
SCATS 2023 Paper Theatre
SCATS 2023 Olympics