As day turns to night

At the end of every day, campers return to their floors to prepare for bed. You might think at this point they’d all be tired and ready to hit the hay, but it’s quite the opposite: Welcome to hall time.


During hall time, campers must stay on their floor and wing of Florence Schneider Hall. All wings have multiple counselor groups, allowing campers to interact with others outside their group. Many campers take full advantage of the opportunity. Multiple nights I have had to turn down requests to push their bedtime back!


What do campers actually do during hall time? Some campers on my wing have started a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and card games are also a popular activity, especially “slaps.” Many campers also choose to just chill in the common area and socialize with the counselors and each other. Caleb J. even gets some juggling practice in during his hall time!


While nearly all these activities can be done during community time, many campers enjoy the more close-knit feel of hall time, especially when they’re trying to wind down for bed. Regardless of what a camper likes doing during hall time, they all agree on one thing: They have fun!

— Coleman R., counselor