Citius, Altius, Fortius

This past Saturday (June 11), our campers showed wonderful teamwork competing in the SCATS Olympics! Eight “nations” (Albania, Chad, Greece, Madagascar, Mexico, the Roman Empire, the United States, and the Void) competed in a range of tournament-style events. Competition was fierce throughout the events, which ranged from dodge ball and tug-of-war, to trivia and Just Dance, to storytelling and art.  

Greece took the win in Trivia, with an outstanding showing by Rowan B., Stella M., Elli T., and Lillie W. For Musical Chairs, USA placed first with spectacular spirit from KK G. and Viviana H.! In Dodgeball, Greece took first place. Caleb J. and Calvin B. played a tough game! Notably, Day C. was a great thrower, Charlotte S. was an incredible dodger, and Jayanah N. won a one vs. one dodgeball battle! In the Just Dance tournament, the Roman Empire won in a comedic upset! The USA took the win in Tug-of-War with a showcase of strength, and the nation of Chad won a neck-and-neck finishing sprint to pie their counselor in the face and take the Relay Race.

In a side event, the Void produced incredible art, and individual campers earned points for their teams in Bootcamp, Minute to Win It, and Storytelling.

Greece earned the brilliant bronze third, Chad placed a stunning silver second, and our first place glorious gold winning nation was the USA! Congratulations to all campers for all their hard work and fighting spirit in the 2022 SCATS Olympics!
— Wynn T., counselor