Campers Meet New Friends and Greet Old Ones

by Malcolm Jones

Malcolm Jones
Malcolm Jones

On Sunday, we welcomed VAMPY campers back to WKU for a fantastic year of beloved classes and fun camp traditions. While there was a significant number of new campers, many second-year and third-year campers also returned, eager to experience another great three weeks of camp. In addition, for the first time at VAMPY, rising seniors were offered the chance to attend, so they could have a last year of camp after VAMPY 2020 was cancelled because of the pandemic.

Campers had many opportunities to interact with each other and meet new people. During Hall Time, they met the members of their counselor groups. In my group, the boys quickly bonded over discussions of their favorite video games and potato chip flavors. Many returning campers got to see familiar faces and new campers easily acclimated to the camp environment.

For our evening activities, campers participated in an array of icebreakers ranging from Duck, Duck, Goose to Ninja to Night at the Museum. VAMPY campers were paired with another counselor group to participate in all seven icebreakers and meet new people whom they might not have otherwise talked to. Counselors were excited to see all of the campers’ smiling faces as they greeted each other and created new memories at VAMPY!

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